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Yule Blog

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves – it’s a very long time ago since we last blogged. How very remiss. But what with our intensive exercise regimes and regular visits to the hairdresser we simply haven’t had the time. Until now, a day off during our Stocking Fillers 2014 Tour. And what better way to spend a day off?

So far, we’re 6 gigs in, and thanks to full houses and a new credit card reader our bank manager is delighted with us. Our next blog will be winging its way to you from Lucerne. Or Luton.

Our new surge in popularity must be due in no small part to our growing presence on local radio. The first port of call was in Chelmsford, at BBC Essex with Tony Fisher, who’s hiding under the table.

Radio Essex


Next, Croydon Radio in, um, Croydon, where, before the broadcast we managed to get some lovely cake and a parking ticket at Matthew’s Yard. Here we are with presenter Andrew Chatterton.

Radio Croydon

Yesterday, due to the miracle of time travel, we managed both BBCs Lincolnshire and Stoke, the former with the lovely Nicola Gilroy, the latter with the not-so-lovely James Watt.

Radio Stoke

Still to come, BBCs Solent and Oxford. How exciting.

In other news, we’ve been brought some lovely presents on this tour (hint hint) – shortbread, mince pies, sloe gin, cherry vodka, and slippers! We’re awaiting a delivery of aubergine chutney, but still on the wish list are pre-shave and pro-perspirant (e.g. UnSure) for PH, and Prozac for PS.

And so, back to our day off. A luxury hotel awaits, and we’ve just been reliably informed that both of our rooms are identical. Bikinis on and a quick dip in the pool followed by a sauna? Or collapse fully-dressed on the bed?