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Wise Men Say

And a warm wintery welcome to our Two Wise Men Tour, as we wander from Wessex, via the Great Wen, to the wolds of West Yorkshire and the wetlands of Norfolk. So busy have we been making lists and checking them twice that we are already two gigs into the tour, and have only just found time to put pen to paper to tell you about our seasonal sojourn via the motorways, major trunk roads and tolls of England and Wales and Norfolk. We’d like to follow the star but it’s so wet and cloudy that we can’t – hence our only inspiration being gleaned from the huge vistas and vast expanses of the M1, as we cross the plains of Northamptonshire, where the shepherds are in the fields abiding.

Only 17 more shows left, some of which have sold out, so come all ye faithful to our gigs please, and help to make our season bright, our noses red, and our pockets full.