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The Final Countdown

It’s less than a week to go before we embark on our 20th Birthday Tour, and so we’re at action stations here, organising posters and flyers, social media, travel and accommodation arrangements, oh, and learning music. Or rather, trying to remember 20 years’ worth of material. To ease ourselves into the tour we thought we’d start off with an easy, relaxed gig – so on Friday we’re appearing live on Radio 3’s InTune (  – the rest of the tour will be downhill.

A couple of weekends ago we were honoured to take part in Sarah Morgan’s Memorial Concert, along with a whole array of performers from the folk world, and many of Sarah’s friends and colleagues from Hampshire and further afield. Sarah was an early supporter of Belshazzar’s, and her encouragement eventually led to her becoming our  first agent – she has a lot to answer for!

We’re looking forward to seeing many of our old friends and revisiting old haunts over the next month. Oxford Folk Club and Chippenham Folk Festival gave us some of our first bookings, so it will be interesting to go back and see if we’ve got any better. We’ll be hawking copies of ‘The Whitings on the Wall’, our new album, which is receiving lovely reviews – here’s one example from the Independent on Sunday: ‘Genuinely funny… a bit of alright’ .‘A bit of alright’?! Rather forward, don’t you think?

Come and judge for yourselves, and help us to celebrate our birthday in style (i.e. buy us drinks/copies of our new album).