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Summer Snippets

Greetings from the seaside. fro the last 2 weeks we’ve been soaking up the positive ions in Sidmouth and Broadstairs, at their respective Folk Weeks.

After an opening night guest slot with the Andover Museum Loft Singers, we spent most if Sidmouth working in social/historical dances. We were given carte blanche to assemble a band around us, under the moniker ‘Sartin and Hutch and their Impossible Combinations’. Here’s one of those Combinations, featuring a jovial Hutch:

Impossible Combinations

Then on to Broadstairs, where after yesterday’s early morning (10.30am) Meet the Band session we headlined a lovely afternoon concert on the main stage. Since then, we’ve been playing for dances. Due to this morning’s early start we forewent breakfast – Hutch was so hungry he resorted to self-cannibalisation:

Hutch Broadstairs 2015

Tonight we bid farewell to the town, and head back west. Shame, as things were just starting to look interesting…..

Broadstairs 2015