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Some food for thought

Preparations are well under way for our annual May tour, and alongside bouts of Jane Fonda’s Workout we are adhering religiously to a strict and fastidious diet. In fact, and perhaps despite appearances and rumours, we are a healthy-living and refined duo, and like nothing more whilst on tour together than to compare and swap recipes, and sample the wholesome and vigour-inducing delights of health-food shops and delicatessens. Not for us the hurly-burly of the public house, or the rough-and-tumble of fried chicken salons. We are never more at home than whilst sipping afternoon tea in some refined provincial tea house or hearty farm shop cafeteria (preferably stimulating our intellects with a crossword – broadsheet of course), or perambulating among the wondrous cornucopia of wares and delights of an al fresco market setting.

During the following month, we will be posting up our dining and purchasing recommendations as and when we find suitable establishments on our travels, for your perusal and delectation. We would welcome any suggestions you might proffer, in order to ease our wearisome passage and brighten our otherwise tedious and joyless itinerary.  Purveyors and provenders – should you wish to donate edibles and consumables to our worthy and edifying cause, you will recieve not only our eternal gratitude but perhaps also some token of our indebtedness (in CD format).  We hereby throw down the gauntlet, and challenge you to disprove the adage, and demonstrate by your selflessness and generosity that there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch.

Bon appetit.