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Seasonal Snippets

We’ve been beavering away furiously for the last two days, on two significant projects that we thought you’d like to know about. Even if you don’t, here they are.
The first is our annual Christmas tour, this time starting in November so as to keep up with the retail industry. From Hull to Surrey, Somerset to Kent, we’ll be offering up our seasonal fare of fun and frolics. Already two concerts have sold out, so best get your skates on (geddit?).
The other is our forthcoming 20th anniversary album, which is its final stages of editing. With artwork by Simon Drew,  we can now reveal that it will be called ‘The Whiting’s on the Wall’, and that it will be released in the spring.
Best keep this brief, as we have to go off and do our pre-tour workouts (Jane Fonda’s, to be precise) – no rest for the wicked.

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