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November Newsflash

Autumnal greetings. It may be all doom, gloom and high winds (business as usual at Camp Belshazzar) but here are a few serendipidous sparklers to illuminate the long, lonely nights; some kindling to spark the flame of your melliflous bonfire of musical beneficence; some Roman candles to stick up your etc etc.

Contrary to appearances, it’s nearly our twentieth year of working together, and to celebrate/commiserate we’ve recorded two nights’ worth of concerts at The Pound, Corsham (, a lovely and welcoming venue (until we arrived). As we speak the tracks are being edited and made fit for human consumption by Andy Bell, and are due for an early spring release – so you have plenty of time in which to brace yourselves.

Having had the great Peter Bailey ( design our last album cover  we are now honoured to have pestered the one and only Simon Drew ( into creating our new cover. Simon is renowned for his wry and witty illustrated puns, and no self-respecting kitchen is complete without one of his mugs or teatowels. Watch this space for more news on the picture, album launch celebrations, and, um, retailing opportunities.

We’ve also put up the dates for our annual Christmas tour. We’re looking forward to visiting venues old and new, and to not getting snowed in.

In the meantime, having just finished a stint with Faustus, Paul S will be touring with Bellowhead and editing their forthcoming songbook. Paul H has been busy with Karen Tweed; and will be visiting his hairdresser with regularity, as Jude has made a right mess of his luscious locks.

Paul & Paul