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John Playford’s Secret Ball

Released in 2001, celebration of the 350th anniversary of John Playford’s collection ‘The English Dancing Master’, this album draws upon the Pauls’ extensive experience as dance musicians.

Whilst all the tracks are at the speed and length for dancing, the sumptuous arrangements and beautiful production by Robert Harbron ensure that this is a delightful listening experience.

‘A particularly enjoyable part of England’s national heritage’ – FRoots

‘One thing is for certain the combination of fiddle, oboe, bassoon, accordion and trumpet certainly give the tunes an authentic feel and as a consequence, the respect they deserve. A winner all the way!’ – Folk on Tap

Track Listing:

Maiden Lane
Parsons Farewell
The Garland
Bobbing Joe
Jennie Pluck Pears
Cuckolds All a Row
The Fits Come on Me Now
London Gentlewomen
The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
Parson Upon Dorothy
Gathering Peascods
The Old Mole