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Happy Birthday To Us

Well, that was one heck of a tour! Lots of full houses, CD sales galore, and more veggie chilli than you could shake a stick at. Thanks to all of the venues, organisers and hosts who helped to make it such a success, and also to the late night service station purveyors of egg mayonnaise sandwiches. A great way to celebrate our 20th anniversary, but it’s not over yet as we have a few club and festival appearances over the summer, and our customary Christmas tour to look forward to.

Our Facebook followers will have been no doubt both delighted and educated by our regular photographic tour updates, mainly focusing on picturesque views of backstage.  Fear not – we have a handful of goodies left over with which to convey the joys of life on the road.

Here’s one from the early days of the tour, in Whitchurch, Shropshire. Our green room doubled as a music classroom (the irony) – it was suggested that these pieces of equipment might in turn double as ear protectors for our audience.

Green Room 11

Here’s the green room at Cambridge Folk Club – well, what else could you except from the ‘other place’?

Green Room 17

It’s always a pleasure to bump into old friends when travelling around the country. Here’s our pal Hector Gilchrist warming up for a spot at the Ram Folk Club (you owe us each a drink , Hector).

Green Room 20
Back to our ecclesiastical roots for the last night, in the vestry of St Mary’s Church, Throwleigh, Devon. We resisted the urge to raid the wardrobe and perform in fancy dress, literally.  Note the bell-pull, and bottle in a basket.

Green Room 22
And so the spring tour ended on a high note (‘O Sole Mio’ in fact) in the most beautiful of settings. Cheers one and all, and many happy returns to us.

Green Room 21