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Find The Lady

This 2011 album (Unearthed) features songs from Paul Sartin’s home area and from his family collection, such as the haunting ‘Home Lad, Home’ and ‘The Turtle Dove’; and a number of tunes from the pen of Paul H. including his celebration of Kate and Will’s wedding, ‘Royal Flush’. With special guests Jackie Oates, Pete Flood and Jim Moray.

‘Austere and humorous and sometimes severely beautiful’ – Independent on Sunday

Track Listing:

Wild Rover
Widows Shall Have Husbands/Hey Boys Up We Go
Queen Of Hearts/Well Done Jack
Primus Hornpipe
Lull Me Beyond Thee
Turtle Dove
Bloomsbury Market/Bloomsbury Hypermarket
Circle Of Biscuits
Queen Of The May
Royal Flush/Elephant Stairs
Home Lad, Home