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Evans Above!

For those of you who don’t know, 23rd April is St George’s Day – he’s the patron saint of, amongst other countries, England. To celebrate this joyous national occasion, we will be appearing on none other than the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2!!! Tune in from 6am onwards (we’ll be there from 5.30am) to hear us herald in the morn with some of your all-time favourite traditional English tunes (as most of you are no doubt sober, hard-working early risers this shouldn’t be an issue), when we’ll be joined by our friends and special guests Benji Kirkpatrick and Alex Merry (of Boss Morris). Listen online here:

And this hot on the heels of our interviews and performances on Australian national tv and radio (did we mention we’ve just been gigging at the National Folk Festival in Canberra?). Here’s some proof:

Yet despite the heat, there were some foolhardy enough to prove that royalty and rabbits are not the only dodgy Australian imports:

And talking of wildlife, we did get the opportunity to see some kangaroos, and some magnificent if noisesome birds. This is a kookaburra, so well-disguised that you can’t see it:

Let’s hope you’ll all be flocking to see us on our May tour, egging us on as we fly around the country, winging it [Enough cheep bird analogies, Ed.]