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Drop The Reed

1998 album of English, French & new tunes and songs.

‘Together these two players present a very complete, rich menu of musical delights to inspire and entertain you. The fusion of classical and traditional folk sensibilities works exceedingly well. In short? a CD of some distinction from a quality outfit. Buy it, lend it only to those you would give your last Rolo. Above all, get to see these blokes play live. Unmissable!’ – Traditional Music Maker

Track listing:

The May Reels
Half Hannikin/The Recruiting Officer
The Miller of Dee/La Belle Jardiniere/Ebenezer
La Petite Nette/Fransk Morgenstjerne
Ffarwell Ned Pugh/Mae Mwhn Dwedyd
Mister Costa/Beggars Roost
Auvergne Polka/Cafouilee
Four Babies Rants
Twenty Eighteen
Brouillard/Les Cloches