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  • stocking-fillers
  • The Whiting’s on the Wall 2014

    To celebrate/commiserate a remarkable 20 years performing together, in September 2013 Belshazzar’s Feast recorded their first live album, finally capturing in a recording what sell-out audiences have been enjoying for two decades.

    The album was recorded by engineer and co-producer Andy Bell over two consecutive nights at The Pound in Corsham, Wiltshire. This intimate venue brought its own atmosphere to the shows which involved huge dollops of audience participation, a key element of the Belshazzar’s Feast live experience. The album features original artwork by famous English humourist and artist Simon Drew, referencing the Biblical source of the band’s name.

    Release date: 7th April 2014. (Unearthed/distributed by PIAS).

  • Track Listing

    1. Intro 0.42
    2. Die Deutsches Washfrau 2.47
    3. Wild Rover 3.23
    4. Intro 2.19
    5. Beethoven’s Piano (Accordion) Concerto for Oboe 4.36
    6. Home Lad, Home 6.56
    7. Intro 0.18
    8. Sussex Cotillion/Italian Concerto 4.16
    9. Intro 0.49
    10. Boda/Mrs Love’s Waltz 4.01
    11. Intro 0.34
    12. If I Was a Blackbird 5.55
    13. Gerald Road Mazurkas 4.07
    14. Thresherman 4.52
    15. Intro 0.24
    16. Playford’s Christmas Ball 3.05
    17. Intro 0.44
    18. One Cold Morning 4.43
    19. Intro 2.38
    20. Rondo A La Turkey 4.24


  • stocking-fillers
  • Stocking Fillers 2012

    ‘Celebrated sense of humour with fine musicianship Guardian

    A new collection of carols, songs and tunes all perfectly wrapped up in the familiar warming atmosphere of a traditional English festive time, combined with the duo’s unusual ability to introduce a perfectly pitched flavour of their hilarious humour that is always lurking somewhere just out there, grabbing the listener when they least expect it.

  • Track Listing

    1. Green Sleeves I
    2. Sussex Air / Sussex Carol
    3. Bumpers
    4. Joseph And Mary
    5. Playford’s Christmas Ball
    6. Tarry Trousers
    7. Coventry Tango
    8. Parson’s Farewell
    9. Mr. Marsden’s Maggot
    10. The Shepherd’s Song / Will’s Jig
    11. Green Sleeves II
    12. Silent Night

  • find-the-lady
  • Find the Lady 2011

    ‘Austere and humorous and sometimes severely beautiful’ Independent on Sunday

    This album features songs from Paul S’s home area and from his family collection, such as the haunting ‘Home Lad, Home’ and ‘The Turtle Dove’; and a number of tunes from the pen of Paul H. including his celebration of Kate and Will’s wedding, ‘Royal Flush’. With special guests Jackie Oates, Pete Flood and Jim Moray.

  • Track Listing

    1. Wild Rover
    2. Widows Shall Have Husbands/Hey Boys Up We Go
    3. Thresherman
    4. Queen Of Hearts/Well Done
    5. Jack
    6. Primus Hornpipe
    7. Lull Me Beyond Thee
    8. Turtle Dove
    9. Bloomsbury Market/Bloomsbury Hypermarket
    10. Circle Of Biscuits
    11. Queen Of The May
    12. Royal Flush/Elephant Stairs
    13. Home Lad, Home

  • frost-bites
  • Frost Bites 2009

    ‘A Dickensian Feast that will warm the cockles’ Songlines

    The duo’s first winter-themed album, recipient of a BBC Rado 2 Folk Award nomination, ‘Frost Bites’ contains both obscure and more familiar carols from England and the Continent. ‘Strangely compelling’ (Q Magazine) its at times dark and powerful tone is underpinned by contributions from Bellowhead’s Brendan Kelly and Pete Flood.

  • Track Listing

    1. Cherry Tree Carol / Yuleogy
    2. King Herod And The Cock / Parson’s Farewell
    3. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
    4. Masquerade Royal / As Joseph Was A-Walking
    5. Lonesome Scenes Of Winter
    6. Gerald Road Mazurkas / Sans Day Carol
    7. One Cold Morning In December
    8. Hampshire Mummers’ Song

  • food-of-love
  • The Food of Love 2008

    ‘Fun for all the family, and some wonderful playing too’ Rock ‘n Reel

    A lavish and beautifully designed double set comprising one studio album and one live album recorded in front of a select audience. This captures the duo’s famed sense of humour and delights in their onstage wit and banter.

  • Track Listing

    Disc: 1

    1. Mundesse; Gathering Peascods
    2. Twenty, Eighteen
    3. Softly Good Tummas; Shropshire Lass
    4. Dol Thy Ale; Rumanian Dance
    5. Rondo a La Turkey
    6. Calne; Be Careful In Choosing A Wife
    7. Best Of Friends; Bishop Of Chester’s Jig
    8. Gentle Diana; Navvy Man
    9. Cal
    10. Backs And Sides
    11. Music for a Found Harmonium

    Disc: 2

    1. Intorduction
    2. Boda Waltz; Miss Love’s Waltz
    3. Tommy Jenkins; Hunt The Squirrel
    4. La Belle Jardiniere; Ebenezer
    5. Goliath Of Gath
    6. Ffarwel Ned Pugh; Something Unpronounceable
    7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Spring Time From The Four Seasons
    8. Hashbaz

  • john playfords secret ball
  • John Playford’s Secret Ball 2001

    ‘A particularly enjoyable part of England’s national heritage’ Froots

    Released in celebration of the 350th anniversary of John Playford’s collection ‘The English Dancing Master’, the album draws upon the Pauls’ extensive experience as dance musicians. Whilst all the tracks are at the speed and length for dancing, the sumptuous arrangments and beautiful production by Robert Harbron ensure that this is a delightful listening experience.

  • Track Listing

    1. Maiden Lane
    2. Parsons Farewell
    3. Goddesses
    4. The Garland
    5. Mundesse
    6. Bobbing Joe
    7. Jennie Pluck Pears
    8. Cuckolds All a Row
    9. The Fits Come on Me Now
    10. London Gentlewomen
    11. The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
    12. Parson Upon Dorothy
    13. Gathering Peascods
    14. The Old Mole

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