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159 days – only

Here’s something to cool you down in the heatwave. It’s a jolly long way off but are pleased to announce our Christmas 2017 tour. One gig – at the Royal Traditions, Dungworth – sold out months ago, so lest you want to miss out, and bearing in mind the limited and continually decreasing number of shopping days, you’d better get spending. Forget that long-awaited summer holiday. Who needs it when they could be revelling in our seasonal stupidity in only 4 months’ time?

A few firsts on this tour – maiden voyages to Henry Tudor House in Shrewsbury, The Atkinson Southport, and Tuppeny Barn in West Sussex.  A chance to work with schoolchildren at Stanley Halls in Croydon. And also in the same parish, two consecutive nights at the wonderful Oval Tavern.

But for now, time to top up our tans, which at this rate will still be glowing brightly come Yuletide.

Toodle pip!